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We have been very busy planning the implementation of an irrigation system to grow our own hay for the rescue horses. We missed the early planting deadline and will now be planting 3 way winter forage the first week of January.  We expect this hay (approximately 1800 bales) to be ready in early April.  We will follow that with planting Alfalfa and or Sudan grass depending on the risk we are willing to take because of the windy conditions during April and May.   

We would like to thank the people who helped us by generously donating time, talent, equipment and rescources to help this effort;  Randy Johnson, Tony and Mary Johnson and Randall Wallis of Ranall Wallis Well Service, and Alan Deyoung and Tim Hayes.  We have also been generously helped by Asher McGhee, and  John of MCGhee Enterprises.  Many thanks to you all! 

This was a huge capital project and will be a long term benefit for the horses in our care.  In the meantime, if you would like to help, please consider sponsoring a horse.  




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