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About AmerEquine Beauty

Hello and Thank you for visiting our website. We are a 501 C 3 Non-profit and a California Public Charity. AmerEquine Beauty was organized in 2008 as a horse rescue for unwanted, abandoned, abused or neglected horses.

Unlike other domestic pets, such as dogs and cats, which at best have a public shelter system
and a wider reach for placing animals, United States horses are at risk of a barbaric fate when given into the wrong hands and their only shelter is primarily that which is formed by private non-profit rescues like us. Sadly,when an owner decides to give up their horse, generally the horse is sold or given to a private party and more often traded and sold at local livestock auctions where in a matter of minutes, the horse could end up being bought by a killer buyer and shipped to Mexico or Canada where they endure an inhumane transport and horrific slaughter for their meat.

Please view the two following links to the Human Society of the United States discussing the horse auction and current happenings regarding recent legislation against horse slaughter.

Compounding the everyday risk of American horses being sold for slaughter is today’s economic environment with high unemployment and low consumer spending, wherefore, options for horses re-homing are few and far between. Not only are more horses being given up, there are less available adopters. While keeping a horse at anytime is similar to having a car payment or having a child, during economic challenging times, a horse is most likely to be cut from the budget.



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